– Insights on Companies and Potential Employers

This is in no way “the” only way to research potential employers and companies, but in all the years that I have been using, I’ve found the information on company profiles and key personnel to be valuable.

Here’s a typical example:

  • Go to:
  • In the search field, type the name of the company you are researching about, then click on the Search button to the right. In the example below, I wanted to get more information about a company called, ‘Clorox‘:
  • A search result list will appear. Click on the company information for Clorox (click the blue hyperlink on the word, Clorox to view company information):
  • Details of the Clorox company, and related links:


  • Some companies that have public records of investor funding are also available, such as the example below:


The information above tells me that, the example company was awarded a series of funds initially on 2005, and currently is funded for another $20 million, starting on year 2011. It is up to you to interpret the numbers and research additional, relevant information regarding the company. It is also up to you to determine if the potential employer is worth sending your resume to. Good luck with the job hunt!



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